Category: Spiritual warfare

A message to my enemies

Dear one who takes it upon themself to try to curse me and speak angry words at me in the astral realm…. I love you…and I receive you –your very self–your true inner person…I receive you into me–where I AM–inside of Father God–inside of Jesus Christ—inside of my […]

The State as father

On the Perth, ABC talk back radio a few days ago I heard the presenter ask a caller “What would you like the Government to do for you?” I switched it off in disgust. The very sad thing is most people today have zero faith in Jesus Christ. […]

Frodo put Sauron’s ring on

The ring that Frodo puts on belongs to Sauron. When Frodo puts it on the dark beings the ring wraiths sense his whereabouts, he is exposed and seen by them and also Sauron himself. I have learned a hard lesson that when I post information that exposes the […]

Attacked on Purim

A lot of oppression around today from the early hours of the morning to about 1pm WST. At first I thought it was because I had slept heavily. But as the morning went on and the headache and heaviness grew stronger I realised–daaa..bit thick….that this was not natural, […]

Dealing with oppression

It surprises me to learn that many Jesus believers do not sense any oppression from the spirit realm at all…ever. Perhaps it is how they are wired, perhaps it is to do with callings and giftings. As for me the spiritual realm is very tangible and real to […]

Some help in the battle

The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation Psa 27:1  A Psalm of David. The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? Psa 27:2  When the wicked came against me […]

Accursed things in the home

The following story is from a long diary type article I wrote about my ministry trip to Uganda in 2008. In it I talk about a Balinese religious(Hindu)mask that I tangled with and what happened. I worked in the Fisheries Department for the Western Australian Government. This job took […]

A yoke of bondage

As we grow in Christ we are learning to walk by faith and to not be entangled again in the bondage of the Law. In the early days of the Church of Jesus Christ there were some believers who were being circumcised in order to be justified before […]

Tactics of Victory

We are all called to overcome even as Jesus overcame and sat down in triumph over His enemies. God in His loving wisdom has put us into a fight which is a fight of faith. The battle has of course been won already at the Cross…yet Jesus is […]