Category: Resurrection

Not all pie in the sky

In the Resurrection God our Father will ensure that what human life was destroyed in the previous ages shall be lovingly restored. Many Christians think that they are off the hook because of the blood of Jesus. Let me tell you something brethren. If you aborted your own […]

Kept for Salvation

We can tend to get a bit anxious when our eyes and minds tell us that there is nothing happening.The Lord is amazing how He teaches us isn’t He? I was mulling over the questions “Why are we here? What is the Lord doing with us?” and what […]

Let the dead in Christ arise!

This morning at 10am WST in Australia(which is +8hrsUST) I went into worship and the prophetic anointing came up in my spirit. The battle cry turned into a song declaring that The Trumpet sounds!! The graves open wide!! and the dead in Christ arise!! Arise Arise Arise Hear […]