Category: Repentance

Not all pie in the sky

In the Resurrection God our Father will ensure that what human life was destroyed in the previous ages shall be lovingly restored. Many Christians think that they are off the hook because of the blood of Jesus. Let me tell you something brethren. If you aborted your own […]

Dream of greatness

I began this post Sunday morning our time which is Saturday night on the east coast of USA. From the very beginning Mankind has rejected what God says about him/her. God made us in His very own image and likeness and breathed His very own Spirit life into […]

I speak to you

WHO AM I? a son of the most high…a servant of all….the least of you…a branch in the vine….a temple of Life….a warrior of Light….a hearer….a seer….a friend….always being renewed….faithful. A lover of Mankind, willing to speak the truth to all. No respecter of persons. WHO ARE YOU? […]

Because you say you see

One of those conundrums the Lord presents for us to ponder. Joh 9:39  And Jesus said, “For judgment I have come into this world, that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may be made blind.”  Joh 9:40  Then some of the Pharisees […]

Are you a “good” Christian

Are you a good Christian? What is a good Christian? Well most would say that a good Christian is someone whose life is patterned after Jesus Christ. They help the poor, they pray, they go to church regularly, they tithe to the Church, they give offerings to missions, they are good people. Is that it?

Anoint mine eyes

I share this very private testimony about my desperate struggles in the hope it may bless someone. I wrote it 1 Dec 2011…3 days later I discovered a truth about God that had been hidden from me all my life…. I am still writing about that truth today. […]