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Let them both grow

I mowed the front lawn this morning…Oh my!! The weeds had taken over!! The Tares look just like the wheat so are not easily recognisable. But there comes a time when the weeds grow so profusely that they begin to be seen for what they are. The weeds […]

The time of Hilkias

I saw in a dream a hand slide the pointer to the time of Hilkias. I awoke with “the time of Hilkias” on my mind. I know that in the KJV Isaiah is called Isaias…so Hilkias is Hilkiah. Hilkiah was a High priest and the father of Eliakim… […]

We inherit all things

Who inherits? Who wins? Who shall reign? Who has God chosen? Why search and see and you shall find that all those who are in Christ Jesus inherit all things, whether they be Jew or Gentile. A simple Bible search for inherit the earth Psa_25:13  He himself shall […]

How will anything change?

At 4am sitting on my forklift and my truck driver co worker is telling me how bad the world is. Truck drivers spend a lot of time thinking whilst they do long hours on the highway. I said that I hoped it would change eventually to which he […]