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Dennis Rhodes

I am a life giving spirit flowing forth with Jesus bringing life to all around me.

I grew up surfing and fishing on the coast in Victoria, Australia during the 60’s to the end of the 70’s and then as God would have it I travelled to Western Australia with some surfing mates and never went back.

An attempt at a partial autobiography

I worked on Prawn(shrimp)boats in Shark Bay and then for the WA Government as a Fisheries Inspector. During that time I married for the first time and fathered a wonderful little girl who is now a mother herself. But that marriage ended in divorce which was the catalyst for me to finally give into the wooing of God and surrender to Jesus.

So in 1989 I came to Jesus in desperate need and found a Father ready to embrace me where I was at. Since that day, April 20th 1989 I have lived in the knowledge of His closeness and love.

Whatever I do I do with Him for He is always with me. And He is pleased with to be with me too.

Along the way He moved another of His wonders into my sphere and in December 1996 we married and together have 3 wonderful children who are finding their own way through Life in this world.

I work in the transport industry in a regional town and my partner works as a nurse.

My heart’s longing has always been to walk with Father in oneness and union of hearts–this has been my quest, though I seemed to miss it a lot–all the opposite contrary things have been teaching me where He is and where I am.

Nothing can ever separate us from the love of Gods that is in Christ Jesus our INNER LIFE.

In Israel in 1997
last summer after attending our son in law’s father’s funeral at Bruce Rock, WA
Preaching in Kampala
2020- Loading one of the rigs I drive with bottled West Australian wine destined for China,Perth and the Eastern states–quite funny really as Dennis means “god of wine”!! haha