Deception and war

Navy Seal 6 story

Some of you might have read my previous bits and pieces on the prevalent numbers associated with various psy-ops and false flags over the years. So I wont go back over all of them- Here is a pdf showing some I saw.

For instance the Bataclan attacks in Paris in 2015 were blamed on the so called Islamic state(Mossad) were carried out on 11/13

The Bali Bombing carried out on 10/12/2002 – seen as 10+12=22 and the year is 22.

There were reported to be 202 deaths =22; and

209 injured which is 11;

Reports said 88 Australians died –8*11 or 4×22 and

38 Indonesians = 11. See wikipedia to confirm this.

The number of deaths in Bali was set later at 202

The death toll was 194–but was increased to 202 from mixed body parts. So it is not 100% accurate to say there were 202. BUT these deep state agencies and their Media liars always broadcast their favourite occult signature- so 202 had to be chosen in my opinion.

202 or 22!!

Now on 10/12/2020[10+12=22 & a 22 year] we have a whistleblower story released.

Allen Parrot is the whistleblower who has years of inside intel on the Iranians and how they worked with the USA admins.

And in this story the main item — Seal Team 6 was supposedly killed– all 22 of them!!

The same signature as the Bali Bombing again –22/22

This same signature on this Navy Seal six story which accuses the Bush admin of protecting Osama Bin Laden is a Psyop.

The Twin Towers were not brought down by 19 highjackers with box-cutters flying aircraft into them as we were told. The whole official narrative of OBL and Al Qaeda is a LIE which was used to foment the war on terror. Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden were and are a CIA/Mossad operation.

Gary Franchi is so upset about GW Bush protecting the evil terrorist bin Laden!! Oh dear Gary!!

Do you believe that OBL took down the Twin Towers Gary? And then there is Anna Khait who says she is a born again Christian who loves Jesus. Great.

Most awake people know that 9/11 was carried out by the Israelis with help from US intel services. Most awake people know that the whole Al Qaeda story line is a DIVERSION and a tool to keep a war on terror going. Most know that that Al Qaeda ran out of steam, so it was morphed into ISIS and a new war on Syria’s gas fields was launched.

This story is another rabbit hole labyrinth taking people away from the real villians.

If the story breaks with their usual hidden hand numbers on it–then it is a sign the story is a part of their matrix of lies. These lies protect the real truth of what happened on 9/11 from being seen. Over 60 Israeli agents were arrested and deported from New York following the controlled demolition of 3 buildings that day.

Story breaks on

10/12/2020 or seen as 22/22

22 Navy Seals elimanated

This latest story of Navy Seal Team 6 and protecting Osama bin Laden will lead to the ditching of Biden as a candidate. Instead the Democrats, who have stolen the election already through the mail sort machines, will have Kamala Harris in the White House.

Time will tell!

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