Deception and war

Navy seal team silenced permanently

I tried posting this video on Facebook but their filter said it is fake news. The video on Y T has had over 2million views in a few days. There were two other videos but they have been removed by You tube. Many people on the comments are saying it is fake news. But because I do not trust a thing the mass media say I am posting this video here. The same mass media lied about 911 so you cannot trust them.

BELOW IS TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM investigative journalist Jim Stone


Now if nothing happens, we really are screwed. This is the biggest story of the decade:


If nothing happens as a result of this, it will be a catastrophe. If something happens as a result of this, the guilty parties will create a catastrophe. There’s the right way out of this (a catastrophe they cause to cover this up) and a wrong way out – (nothing happens).

This one is SO BAD I ate comfort food before posting, and then went back for more comfort food. I then listened to Styx Boat on the river about five times while eating the second round of comfort food and am listening to it now as I post this. This drop is THAT BAD, there’s no telling what will happen now.

Here is the basic story in a paragraph: Iran “gave shelter to Osama Bin Laden” who may have been fictional at the time. While Bin Laden was “in Iran”, Obama sent seal team six in to nail him in Afghanistan. Only, he was not there, and to cover it up Obama, Biden, Brennan, Hillary, the entire apparatus approved the murder of every member of seal team six via a missile shoot down of their aircraft to cover it up.

They are already expunging the videos for this but I have them saved. This one is still alive.

An agent for the CIA who was involved with it all did not agree, and managed to bag TERABYTES (and I am talking TERABYTES of audio and video of the entire event,) including all the documents and he held onto them until this critical time when America was about to be smashed via a rigged election. This CIA agent then was the final speaker at a very high profile political conference with lots of important people there and he actually played the most damning video evidence at this conference. It cannot be covered up.

So now supposedly someone in Congress has ALL OF IT and will present it to Trump tomorrow. At least supposedly show it.

It is confirmed that the whistleblower is legit, the documents are legit, the video is legit, the audio is legit, and there’s even more – proof that Hillary and the rest of them ordered the murders of everyone at Benghazi.

But wait, THERE IS MORE:

So Iran caught news of them “getting Bin Laden” when they knew he was not there, and blackmailed the Obama administration to keep it all secret, and that’s the reason for the $150 billion payout Obama did for Iran.

The big question now is will anything happen? There’s little doubt that ALL OF THEM know they are busted. And a lot of people (including me) are worried about what they will do to distract the public from this massive “containment breach”, perhaps I’ll wake up tomorrow and everyone at the conference will have been murdered with zero reports, all the video proof it happened expunged from the web – but if not, there’s no telling what such evil cretins will do to save their behinds. Perhaps stuxnet a nuclear facility . . . . some are speculating the samson option . . . .

Despite this being confirmed legit and Trump re-tweeting it, there’s not a peep about this on Infowars, instead Alex posted that Trump did a gay dance at the last rally, and wanted to kiss all the homosexuals. Only, that’s not what happened, Alex went the way of CNN, you know, that six pointed logo of his that now shows up in his tab really does mean something.”

I tried posting this video to my facebook timeline tonight

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  1. This breaks my heart and I’m not the least bit surprised at this. These people you mention are evil, evil, EVIL! And they must be stopped one way or another! They don’t love America and they hate the people. I truly believe that. Thank you for posting and bringing awareness to so many thing the Left is covering up! God bless you!


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