Deception and war

Adrenochrome update

American/Japanese investigator Ben Fulford with many links to intelligence agencies reported on the 28th Sept that a bust was made in New York and explains what happened.

I never saw his intel before I posted about the adrenochrome document that was released earlier in the month.

Fulford says….

Meanwhile, in New York, a child torture and adrenochrome harvesting facility at 720 Fifth Avenue, was busted and hundreds of tortured children were rescued, according to Pentagon sources.  This is just up the street from Jared Kushner’s 666 5th Avenue mark of the beast injectable microchip factory. Note that the original address on company documents has been changed to 725 Fifth Avenue, which is Trump’s building, to divert suspicion.

The kids at this facility were kept from ages as young as 3 and repeatedly tortured and raped in order to harvest adrenochrome.  They were killed once they reached puberty.  The entrance to this facility was disguised as an “Abercrombie and Fitch Kids,” store as a cover for children being brought in.

The link below is a list of the children, the name of the company involved, etc.

The fact that Google, Facebook, etc., won’t link to this speaks volumes about who really controls these corporations. Rest assured the leadership of these companies will be rounded up soon if it has not already happened.

Note if that link above does not work I have the pdf stored here.

Fulford’s report confirms what I felt all along.

There is too much fine detail in this document for it to be fake. Also google are trying to eradicate it from the search algorithym. And mainstream media try to debunk it and then say nothing about it.

We should not be surprised that this kind of evil goes on in the western world.

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    • What is truth? Oh that’s easy…Google is truth. Snopes is truth. CNN is truth. CBS NBC, ABC, Government leaders, they all tell us the truth. 🙂 Remember how Israel were cast out of the land because they practiced the same sins as the surrounding nations? Sacrificing their children to Baal in the valley of the sons of Hinnom? The same spirits are around today and their are plenty of people doing their bidding…people that are in high places in government and celebs etc all around the world. Jesus is loosing the seals on the scrolls. That means all the things hidden shall be seen….all the things bound up shall be loosed.

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      • I like loosing of the seals and loosening of bondages…..I hate that they take advantage of our earthly eyes that cannot see them….
        But maybe Father designed it for our good….I’d probably never be able to sleep if i could see the spirit realm….😱
        Cant trust anyone absolutely…..thankfully God’s always there

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