Holy Spirit

Attacked on Purim

A lot of oppression around today from the early hours of the morning to about 1pm WST. At first I thought it was because I had slept heavily. But as the morning went on and the headache and heaviness grew stronger I realised–daaa..bit thick….that this was not natural, but an attack of directed soul energy at me. So I did what I always do with this sort of thing–I began praying in tongues. After only 2minutes of that–speaking hidden things to God the clouds cleared and the joy of the Lord broke through.

Now I have come to know as well that when I feel an attack like this I know it is not only about little ol me. I am nothing important. No, it is to alert me to pray for this attack is being felt in different ways by many people and it is my privilege to intercede on their behalf. I am a priest of God, seated in the Holy of Holies, inside the very presence of Father, inside my own heart.

Paul said that my spirit prays but my mind is unfruitful. I have not got a clue what I was praying…but my spirit–JOINED with God’s Spirit knows exactly what is prayed and what is needed.

I do not waste time arguing about tongues with anyone. If you do not pray in tongues you are dishonouring the Spirit of God. He has given you Himself to be your HELP in time of need.

If you have not yet received the embrace of the Holy Spirit where He comes upon you and clothes your spirit in power YOU NEED TO!!! ABSOLUTELY NEED TO!! Not just for your sake but for those many others around you.

Here is today’s two minutes of tongues. (yes I know there is no interpretation….try not to be offended)

After this the joy of victory and confidence of answered prayer was mine.

I began singing a line from Tracy Chapman’s song  Talking bout a revolution”   “Finally the Tables are starting to turn”

On Purim the Tables were turned and the ones who were slated to be destroyed rose up and destroyed their enemies with permission from the King.

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