God is not rejecting you

There is a thought within many Christian churches that God is not happy with us the way we are. God wants us to change, then He will be happy with us. The feeling many have is that they are “not quite right” the way they are….an uneasy feeling of rejection. Self doubt plagues these ones every time they enter a church congregation, so they learn to pretend and put on an outward persona to appear better than their ‘normal self ‘. Because everyone knows that our normal self is not good enough  for God,… right? It depends which God you are referring to!

Oh God loves you for sure, that is true…..BUT…that doesn’t mean he is happy with you…or so we think. Satan masquerades as God in the minds of most Christians having convinced us that God is overbearing and judgemental. Such toxic thinking fills the minds of most and occupies all their time in self improvement and self examination. This kind of thinking sends people crazy and causes them to hate God and loath being themselves.

Deep in the human consciousness is the lie that “God is rejecting me.” Yet the opposite has ALWAYS BEEN TRUE. God is not rejecting anyone, but is loving all and believing good things for all. God is our Father and never ever rejects His creation. It is Satan who plays the game of lies. Our Father will not reject the one who comes to Him.

We humans reject God. We stay away from Him. We stand aloof from Him. We believe He is against us. We believe He has abandoned us. We believe God hates us. We believe our sin separates us from God. We are the ones who stand against God and imagine He is our enemy. The problem has never been on God’s side, but ours. And the cause of this kind of thinking is the common enemy we all have, Satan.

He is the father of lies. He is the one who has sown these wicked thoughts into the collective human mind about God. He is the one who has alienated us from our loving Father. He is the one who has victimised us and also defamed God.

God loves you so much that He gave His only son Jesus to be your Life. God has sustained you all your life regardless of what you believe about Him. God has been with you in trouble and in success sharing all things with you unseen and unknown.

The moment we begin to thank God for being with us…in that moment the darkness begins to break down around our hearts and minds and we allow His Light to grow inside us.

Try giving thanks to the Father right now….

Father I thank you for being with me…right now, and also in all my past…You Lord were with me sharing all things in my life. When I was down, you were carrying me, weeping with me in my brokenness.


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  1. I have recently started reading Henri Nouwen and he speaks so much about learned self rejection. Sadly the idea of original sin was turned to bad purpose and some of us never learned that God loves us in our entirety..I am in the midst of also reading a book by someone who had to turn her back on the Baptist Church as she realised she was preaching hate.. I hope in time many more people’s eyes are opened to the truth that God is a God of unconditional love.. If you read accounts of near death experience there is not even any punishment on ‘the other side’ humans created that idea out of a split consciousness.

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    • yeah,,not read Nouwen, but am in agreement. My whole life has been coming out of delusion to find who I have always been, but not known….In my anguish and confusion as a Christian trying to obey an unpleasable Father I made many mistakes and spread fear and the wrong image of a god that is NOT Father. We all certainly need each other don’t we? Cos God is in each of us.

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      • Exactly and when we reject ourselves we reject his creation. You made that point so powerfully in what you wrote. Alice Miller and John Bradshaw write about poisonous pedagogy that taught the Church to punish the child who is actually innocent.. So many of us are waking up from toxic shame.. it is disease worse than cancer as it erodes the true self of our spirit which is of the light and of God.

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      • Yes for sure! I write about it because I know it’s slimey smothering ways from my own experience….it has mastered me most of my life…and I have called it god for many years believing it to be Him.


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