A mother’s heart breaks

She sat in her cheap little car parked up against the tall wire mesh fence that ringed the football ground. Her son was playing a game of football in there…but she was parked outside the ground. Jesus noticed her(that is me and Jesus as one–cos that is who we are if we have Jesus)…so as I said…Jesus noticed her sitting in the car…a forlorn figure….longing to see her son. So He goes into his home and says to His wife….

Do you have any cash? I’m sure that that woman would want to go into the ground today? I bet she cannot afford the entry fee.”

My wife pulls out a $20 bill and gives it to Jesus. We walk out the door and over the road to her drivers side and get get her attention. She is craning her neck to the left, away from us looking at 3 or 4 cars queueing up to go through the big gates into the sports-ground. When she turns back to face the front she suddenly sees me! She recognises me from about 12 months ago when we had met in the main street and she had told me of some of her worries about different things.

I ask her casually if her son is playing in there today…she says….”Yes, he is, but he does not want to see me! He says I am fat! I miss him so much.” I say to her Are you going in to watch the game? She says resignedly, “I want to but have no money.” I pull out the $20 and Jesus puts it into her open hand….”Go in and enjoy,” we tell her warmly.

I don’t share these sorts of stories to big note myself. Or to boast in any way. Yes, I could easily not share the story. But I share it and others like it in the same way that the Gospel writers shared what Jesus did. ‘He went about doing good and healing all those who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him’.(Acts 10:38) This is simply the normal Experience for Jesus as He continues to live and abide inside Father…inside me and you if you have Jesus.

There are many mothers whose hearts are breaking for their children as they grow older and pull away from them. Between them and their precious child is a high barrier just like that wire mesh fence she was looking through today. The Gates are open but only for a price. The thing is, Jesus HAS PAID the price and we are those who have freely received from Jesus…so we are able to freely give.

We are door openers! The lost can come through the gates of the city via our laid down lives. The kindness of God is constantly out-poured through us, as Jesus in us is always looking for lost sheep to bring into His Father’s arms. A little act of kindness can open gates and remove  barriers for that one who is needing an intercessor to act on their behalf. Go to it with joy…for this is who we are–children of God made in His image and likeness. We are Love in our form–filled with Jesus Christ Who is always laying down His life that they may come through the Gates.

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