White hats vs Black hats

Many are excited that the white hats are taking down the black hats in the so called Deep State. Yet may I remind people mankind’s problems started when our natural father ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Good and Evil—or—White hats and Black hats.

Just because the so called white hats are taking the upper hand does not mean that they are any better than the black hats that they oppose.

White or black –good or bad–right or wrong—It all amounts to the same TREE. And nothing but DEATH can come as a result of eating from that tree.

Notice where the serpent was hiding in Genesis? Yes the crafty serpent was hiding in the good versus evil, white versus black knowledge of good and evil tree. Whenever we fall in line with one side of that tree we are in the SAME TREE as the other side. Neither side wins. Both are OUTSIDE of God’s life flow and therefore are actually resisting God.

We do not need to be ruled by White hats any more than we need to be ruled by black hats. Both are blind and those who follow them shall fall into a ditch along with them.

In Jesus day the “righteous” Pharisees and Sadducees wore the white hats…but they were the ones who persecuted Jesus and His followers.

During the middle ages the Roman church and it’s popes and bishops wore the righteous white hats and hundreds of thousands were killed by them over differences in doctrine.

It is not right or wrong that matters most–but Life.

If you have the Son you have Life—period!

When Jesus was speaking to the “righteous” Pharisees he said to them…the thief comes to kill, steal and to destroy. That is what those particular white hats did…

The white hats today are not to be trusted…as if they are better than the black hats…they are not!

What you are seeing happening with the rise of the so called White hats is a ploy to exalt RIGHT over wrong which shall only end in death and oppression. In the end there will be a severe backlash by the people against the white hats and all who support them. It is happening already. The rise of right wing politicians is being done on purpose to create such a world wide backlash against RIGHT politics and religionists. The result will not be the left wing politics reigning….but the scrapping of that dualistic system and the introduction of the worship of Lucifer and immersion into his mystical “light.”   Instead of being baptised in the Holy Spirit, millions will be baptised into the dark light of Lucifer after they are shown how “right and wrong” has caused so much death and suffering.

There is always a counterfeit of the true.

A Christian is alive in Jesus and Jesus is the LIFE of the believer.

Getting caught up in right and wrong is eating from the Tree that caused death in the beginning.

We have no part in that tree anymore.

We have Life in Him and we are for the healing of the nations.

“hahahaha…yes that is exactly what the current two party system is designed to bring in. That’s why I gave your post a winner badge. Both sides are on the same team..same end game…the classic Hegelian dialectic struggle….Right versus Left politics is the same as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. BOTH can only lead to DEATH .

The majority of Christians live(really they are dying) eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil —-so they support the whole political system of Right Vs LeftGood Vs Evil…not realising that it is 180° from the truth…actually not even in the same sphere at all.

The tree of Life is a kingdom not of this world. The Kingdom does not come with observation.
Christians are the most deceived and blinded people on this planet.
And yet God is working all things together for good”

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