Deception and war


An interesting event happened on Monday in Jerusalem, Israel. A 79 year old Jewish woman was praying at her customary position against the southern section of the Western Wall of the remains of the Second Temple.

At exactly 546 PM a large limestone block 8 metres above her fell out from where it had been for 2000 years and landed a few metres away from her on the timber decking.

Her name is Daniella Goldberg.

What interests me as a watchman is that this happened the day after Tisha ba’av. On Sunday thousands gathered in front of the wall to mourn the destruction of the last two temples. Then the next day a rock seems to be cut out of the mountain without human hands and crashes down at Daniella’s feet.

See the video which captures the fall of the stone.

Daniella Goldberg’s name means GOD HAS JUDGED GOLD MOUNTAIN.

Yet in the book of Daniel the prophet Daniel tells the king of Babylon that he is the head of gold on the image of the man. Later in that same dream, a stone is seen to be cut out of the mountain without hands and falls upon the feet of the image and crushes them causing the whole beast to fall.

Thus her name is significant as it is a sign that God has judged the image of Gold or the KINGDOM OF BABYLON.

Daniella said it happened at 546….which is the year Rome was sacked by the Goths. It was the third time Rome had been defeated. Just as any third Temple in Jerusalem shall also be defeated.

Rome and Jerusalem are connected of course and both are a part of the current Babylonian kingdom which God has judged.

Soon the stone of God’s kingdom shall completely crush the Babylonian empire and that stone shall grow and grow until it fills all the earth with His glory.

Daniella is also 79 years old.

Which points to 1939…when the second world war began on September 1.

As a result of that war and the deliberate persecution of Jews the 1948 establishment of Israel was accomplished. Yet another world war is planned so as to destroy the Muslim mosque and build a third temple in Jerusalem.

God is not in temples made with hands as I wrote on the 14th July.

The rock fell from the Temple wall the day after Tisha ba’Av….when all were dreading something happening again. This signifies God’s warning in 2Thessalonians saying they will say peace and safety then sudden destruction will come upon them.

The rock weighed 100kg and it is 100 Years since Jerusalem was liberated by the Australian Light horsemen from the Ottoman Turks.

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